Bowtie with Gold Chains

Gold All in My Chain…
On May 25th, My Brother Nicholas celebrated his
16th Birthday
It wouldnt be right if I didnt hook him up 
with a
Billie Jean Bowtie for his
Birthday Dinber
I also styled him in all back
with a Red Blazer and
some Jordans
to complete the ensemble!
More Pics from his Birthday Outfit
are below






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  1. Hello! I love the blazer! If you don't mind me asking, where did you buy it? If so, is one available in white?

    Love your work!

  2. Hi Thank You. I got the blazer at a Thrift Store

  3. Hey! just wondering where you got the amazing bowtie??

  4. Hey! I made it! I make bowties. You can buy it on my other website here:

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