Thrifted Red Plaid Blazer, Thrifted White Rainbow Striped Button Up Shirt, H&M Blue Wide Legged Jean Pants

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year in advance! This is my last blog post of the year. What an amazing year it has been! I went to a small park and took a few pictures with Sam Adaramola. See you lovely people in 2014. Peace!

thrifted-red-plaid-blazer-thrifted-white-rainbow-striped-button-up-shirt-hm-blue-wide-legged-jean-pants-1 thrifted-red-plaid-blazer-thrifted-white-rainbow-striped-button-up-shirt-hm-blue-wide-legged-jean-pants-2 thrifted-red-plaid-blazer-thrifted-white-rainbow-striped-button-up-shirt-hm-blue-wide-legged-jean-pants-3 thrifted-red-plaid-blazer-thrifted-white-rainbow-striped-button-up-shirt-hm-blue-wide-legged-jean-pants-4 thrifted-red-plaid-blazer-thrifted-white-rainbow-striped-button-up-shirt-hm-blue-wide-legged-jean-pants-5 thrifted-red-plaid-blazer-thrifted-white-rainbow-striped-button-up-shirt-hm-blue-wide-legged-jean-pants-6
Outfit Details
Plaid Blazer: Thrift Store: $5
Rainbow Stripped Shirt: Thrift Store: $3
Wide Leg Pants: H & M: $15
Shoes (Clogs): Charlotte Russe: $10

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    Very cute

  2. thank u ms paula

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